Humber community spreads awareness for breast cancer with Pink Ribbon Day


By Shaunte Sterling

Members of the Humber community were spreading breast cancer awareness at the colleges’ North campus on Thursday for Pink Ribbon Day.

The event honors lives that are, or have been, affected by breast cancer.

Donations were accepted throughout the event in bright pink boxes in the LRC building.

For Richard Mitchell, it’s more than just an event. Everything changed when his wife was prompted to do her annual mammogram check-up.

“This [check-up] there were three tumors. What happened in the following two years no woman should go through? That’s why I am doing this event to share awareness [and the importance] of checkups,” Mitchell said.

Students and faculty members right a note or share a name before placing on the hope wall. (Photo by Shaunte Sterling)

Students and faculty members right a note or share a name before placing on the hope wall. (Photo by Shaunte Sterling)

Mitchell is the organizer of the event.

“I’m trying to get as many people, services, faculty members and, students to gather on this day and pay tribute to the effects of breast cancer.”

A variety of items are sold including cookies, cupcakes, raffle tickets and drinks.

The President of Student Athletics Association Steph Gannon says she thinks it’s a great thing for the community to come together to share awareness.

“I think it’s amazing. Even to just have the hope to fight. Support is important and this is all about support,” Gannon said.

This is the first-year the athletics team sold shirts for $5. Although the shirts are all pink, the variety is in designs and sizes.

A live band and special guest, Humber Hawk Mascot, helped to create a positive atmosphere for the event.

Humber's mascot makes an appearance to show support to Richard Mitchell's movement.

Humber’s mascot makes an appearance to show support to Richard Mitchell’s movement. (Photo By Shaunte Sterling)

Founder of Butterfly of Hope, Chad Cieslik, is constantly working to raise money for cancer.“I have raised $2.2 million and counting,” he said.

Cieslik designs his own merchandise including shirts that he sells for $20 a piece. He’s also heavily involved in marathon runs around the province to raise money.

Every year he lights candles in honor of the loved ones affected by the disease.

“I light [them] for the 19 people that I’ve known that have died and 14 people that have survived,” Cieslik said.

Spa Management students also took part in helping out by painting nails pink for $5.

Close to the end of the event Mitchell asked those who were around to form a ribbon and started the chant ‘WE ARE HOPE’.

Mitchell personally ensures that donations go to the right place.

“Every single penny goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation of Canada.”


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